My passion is for the more graphic forms of art. I love illustration, film, photography and all visual aspects of urban culture. Graffiti art in the 90’s had a direct influence on my decision to become an artist. I studied art & graphic design and then worked for various design studios and music labels in France. In early 2008, I created ethikdesign¬©, a Design & Creative Studio based in my home town where I’ve worked with many different clients, nationally and internationally. I’ve collaborated on music videos, commercial design and artworks and have been lucky to work with some of the most famous brands and leading artists in the creative industry. Aside from my more commercial work at ethikdesign, I’ve also been involved in personal work including, ‘Everyday Project’ () and ‘Never Stop Exploring’ (2016 – and ongoing ). Working on new ideas on a daily basis is great exercise for my creative muscle and technical skills. It helps me to be disciplined but also keeps me creatively agile.